Appraisal Services

Please call for an appointment with the appraiser. We look forward to giving you the attention that your fine jewelry need and the peace of mind that you deserve.

GIA Certifed

Ronnie Miller, G.G.


All appraisals are done by a G.I.A. graduate gemologist, while you wait.  Each appraisal includes a photograph and the complete gemological description of the item that is accepted by the Gemological Institute of America for your insurance company.


Appraisals are $100 per item. 



Custom Setting Services 

Personal Touch

The Personal Touch starts with you.  Sit down with one of our Jewelery Designers and create your very own personalized jewelry.


From conecpt, to casting, to finished piece, nothing is more beautiful than jewelry designed for your own unique taste. 

Jewelry Services

Laser Welding

Our high-tech laser welder is extremely precise.Which allows us to work directly adjacent to precious gemstones with no fear of overheating them. And because it fuses the metal, it creates an incredibly strong bond.

Ring Sizing

For ring sizing, we use a dovetail technique to create a much stronger joint versus a simple straight butt joint. It takes skill and some extra time, but we feel it's important. 

Stone Setting

Whether it's replacing missing stones or resetting your diamond in a new engagement ring, our highly competent jewelers will take the time to insure your stones are set correctly.


Over time prongs can break off or windle down from wear and tear. This can seriously increase the risk of loosing stones. Retipping rebuilds the prongs and gives your ring the needed strenght to hold your stones in place.


You should have your pearls restrung every three to five years, depending on use, as the silk strand becomes fraid as they rub against the much harder pearls. We offer pearl restringing with or without knots.


From a simple chain repair to fixing a clasp, your jewelry never has to leave our store as most all our repairs are none in house.

Watch Services


Like any other fine tuned machine, watches also need a little attention from time to time. We offer a Cleaning, Oiling, and Adjusting backed by a one year warranty.

Battery Replacement

With over 20 years of watch battery replacement experience, our staff can replace batteries in most watches. We also offer pressure test for watches with water resistancy, to insure that the watch is sealed correctly after opening

Band Adjustment

While finding the perfect watch may not be the easy, fitting it should be a snap. While you wait watch sizing in most cases.

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